A good advice from Michael Douglas!

Åsa Granberg
10 January 2019

Michael Douglas tips on how to get back to Success!

Michael Douglas is a wonderful person who make you feel comfortable in a split second when you meet him. He is furthermore a really fun person to listen to and he will engage with everyone he has the opportunity to meet and talk to. Now, I will share what he said about how to get back on track with your success.

Michael Douglas thoughts about success and how he does it, disregarding of work areas; “Success is really just like the surfers going out on the ocean anxious to surf but there are no waves. You have to stay out there and keep an open mind because waves come in sets. There is no use in floundering when there is no momentum. That’s the time to save up energy until the waves come. It’s really all about timing”. So, Michael’s view is that disregarding if its related to success in stock markets or as an entrepreneur or whatever it is you do – you just have to be out there and be ready for when your waves come in sets.

I am so happy for you Michael Douglas that you won a Golden Globe this year! You are the best!

Since, I have been working with all the largest investment banks of Wall Street I often say that me and Michael have both been working at Wall Street – him in the shape of Gordon Gekko in the wonderful movie called “Wall Street”, and me in the shape of myself as a senior banker and strategic financial advisor.

Like Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) says; “Money never sleeps” …