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In this fast technological evolution we understand the importance of staying ahead and we are specialised in strategy, business financing, internationalisation and investments.

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AimHill Consulting Group
How we help our clients:
In this fast technological evolution we understand the importance of staying ahead.
AimHill Consulting Group and our long history from the Financial Services Industry, where we combine the importance of capital efficiency, risk management and financial structures with the growth accelerating techniques provided by the global technological innovations, equips our clients with the best corporate organisation for revenue growth.
With the AimHill Consulting Group derivatives expertise being one of the strong Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data tools – we break down the components into comprehensible structures. We guide your company to understanding the digital growth mechanisms of the New Economy.
The future is here. 


Consulting & Advisory

AimHill Consulting Group works with a variety of tools, systems and programs that offers your company rapid business growth and acceleration of revenue as well as a range of working capital efficiency solutions.  In this way we work with both sides of business management, i.e. increasing sales and revenues and simultaneously towards working-capital and financing optimization, both the cost and the income aspects of your business.  

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AimHill Consulting Group CEO Åsa Granberg provides your board with knowledge in IT, digitalization, innovation, financing, capital markets, hedging-strategies, sales and marketing, to name just a few key areas.

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Management & Staff

Regardless of how IT-based and digitalized or online, businesses become, one of the most important resources of all companies is their human capital asset base, i.e. its staff and its management team. Today's society and living conditions can easily put great strain on an individual's ability to focus, be energetic, calm and motivated and work efficiently even in stressful situations. We can assist you with tools to reduce cost of employee absence.

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