A Historical Business Meeting!

Åsa Granberg
21 November 2019

A Historical Business Meeting

Visiting Kammarkollegiet in Stockholm i.e. the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency that is an authority which also operates commercial undertakings and manages over 170 billion SEK for more than 400 customers. Kammarkollegiet represents the Swedish Inheritance Fund and settles estates where the fund is the heir, manages the Fund and the practical work of suggesting which projects will get the Swedish Inheritance Fund's support.

During my business meeting I found out that there are some true historical treasuries in the room where the meeting took place. Amongst others this beautiful “coronation sky” that was made for the coronation of the Swedish king Gustav III:s in the year 1772. Unfortunately, the coronation sky was never used.

Some business meetings become even more interesting than you could have anticipated beforehand...

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