A Quick Fix for the Environment

Åsa Granberg
14 September 2020

A quick fix for the environment!

Providing information is sometimes an easy way to achieve a change in behaviour. I am sure that if everyone knew that the filter in a cigarette contains plastic – then people would not throw it everywhere in the nature and instead they would look for outdoor ashtrays. And if everyone was informed that the ocean does not clean itself and trash, waste, plastic and chemicals that is put in the ocean remains in the ocean – it does not vaporise or disappear.

I am sure that nobody would put a battery in a glass of water and then drink it. Still the sea where we fetch our drinking water is filled with all sorts of garbage.
If we can reach out to everybody with this and other basic information, then I am sure that we would start seeing a change in behaviour. That is why Expedition Baltic Sea, in cooperation with Rotary and the United Nations, is determined to reach out for change in people’s behaviour.

Imagine if we could make everyone change their behaviour what a strong impact that would have. Now, that is a quick fix for the environment and for our health.

AimHill Consulting Group