Are You or your Business stuck?

Åsa Granberg
5 August 2019

Do you feel stuck? Or is your Business stuck?

Vacation is over or close to over and you are back at the office wondering about how to make a change or increase your business or just simply evolve yourself or your business in one or multiple areas.

It’s all a matter of choosing between “growth” or “fixed”. If you’ve read the book “Mindset” written by one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of development psychology – then you will recognize these two key words. Any person with the “growth” mindset will understand that you need to continue to educate yourself and get new influences throughout your entire life if you want to stay ahead in business and life.

This event will give you a day you’ll never forget. You will walk home after having been educated and inspired to a level you didn’t think possible.
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