Be part of the Positive Spiral!

Åsa Granberg
30 June 2019

The Secret is just that simple!

Basically every day I get comments and questions regarding my energy and my activities and my business drive. How do I do it - like how did I get to share stage with legend Hollywood actors.

The truth is that every day my business commitments increases beacaus the more you work and the more people you meet the more opportunities you run into and it goes on to the next activity and so forward. 

So, how do you start this positive spiral? Now that answer is even more simple; What you feed in equals what you get out. Let me explain: what you feed your mind with is what your mind feeds you back, what energy and ideas you feed your business meetings with will determine what comes out of that meeting and what input of data you enter Into a math formula or a computer equals what result you might get out from it.

Can it really be that simple you might ask yourself. Yes! It is - so get up from where you are sitting and take a refreshing walk. During that walk you feed your mind with a positive action that you will take today that will bring you closer to one of your goals. 

Perfect, now you have started your positive spiral, and there is room for millions of positive spirals because they will feed and recruit millions of more positive spirals and that will lead to more positive spirals and that will go on and on. But you must be very persistent with feeding your positive spiral with actions and data because you don't get into shape the first time you go to the gym - you must go many times and never stop. 

Welcome to the world of energy and activities and drive! 

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