Business Management in times of Political Instabilities

By Åsa Granberg
12 September 2018

How to manage your business in times of political instability or economical insecurities. At a business event during the weekend I was reminded of a very interesting conversation I had with Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister of Sweden. We talked about political instabilities, economics, world politics and foreign affairs. After an election which brings the kind of political insecurities that we are currently experiencing in Sweden for example, then it is very important that you thoroughly go through your balance-sheet and consider how any possible changes in the economical arena might affect your assets and your debt. Additionally, analyse how changes might affect your clients, business partners and distributors. Things to consider are for example if you should hedge your financial assets (especially the short term liquidity that you are depending on), how larger changes in the interest rates might affect, volatility of the currency (especially if your business is global/international or your distributors or clients are) and how any new rules or regulations might affect any part of your balance sheet or your internal or external business. The list of analysis and actions to take is long and tailored for every single company/business. Please contact AimHill Consulting Group for further information.
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