Charlie Sheen from the movie "Wall Street"

Åsa Granberg
30 April 2019

Charlie Sheen from the movie Wall Street

When I had the opportunity to give my speech “From the gutter to Wall Street” about how you build businesses - and had the chance to share stage in Los Angeles with the two legends from the movie “Wall Street”, Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen; I have to admit that I was wondering a bit about what state and shape Charlie would be in (given some of the “party” scandals that have been known in the past).

I was so pleased to see that Charlie was in a very fresh state and appearance. He was in a very amusing mood too, making lots of fun statements and jokes. He repeated one of his famous quotes; “The only thing I’m addicted to now is winning” (implying that he now has sobered up from alcohol etc).

Now isn’t this a great statement? At least I think so, and I will use it a lot going forward. Maybe, we all should use this wonderful statement going forward and making every year into our best year ever – come rain or come shine. Because it’s really just a state of mind if you consider yourself having a good year or a bad year, as long as you are healthy.

It’s like someone said that you don’t “only live once” – you live every day and you only die once. So, let’s all only be addicted to winning and then you can decide what winning means to you.

Today we celebrate the coming of spring in Sweden, called the “Valborgsmässoafton”. To all you Valborgsmässo-celebrations out there and to all others as well; I really wish you a great “win” this spring!

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