Connected to the World at this time

Åsa Granberg
26 March 2020

Connected to the World at this time

In times like this we all have to reinvent our way of working. For some sectors that will be more challenging or not applicable, but for many sectors it isn’t all that difficult to be transferring more of the business and more of the tasks to becoming digital – it just takes another way of implementing new steering procedures and organisational planning.

Doing business with people whom you never meet, other than online, sometimes requires a longer due diligence which might be a bit tough if you have a short timeframe. Still it’s doable.

Vicky Omifolaji, the Chief Editor and CEO of the international magazine “The Global Achievers” which is a magazine that features people like Oprah Winfrey, she has never met me in person but felt comfortable featuring me in the magazine based on my digital business footprint.

If you are not already working with your digital business footprint than this is an important step to taking your business on-line and to become a more digital company, and this could help you manoeuvre your business at this time.

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