Don't forget your clients!

Åsa Granberg
13 September 2019

Remember Your Clients!

What an amazing week it has been with so many valuable seminars, meetings and insights.
One of the interesting seminars had the headline “PSD2 – How ready are we?”.

European regulations on Strong Customer Authentication and shared norms for open and secure communications will go into effect tomorrow on the 14th September 2019, as part of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).
This is a big regulation and corporates all over the EU have been extremely busy to implement necessary changes.
The absolutely most valuable comment at this seminar came from one of the TINK representatives and that was how important it is not to forget that you are serving clients.

Since I have seen the impact all these large regulations have on the corporate culture, I have seen many cases where the company become so engage in implementing the regulations that they actually forget the most important part of their business – the clients. I have had a similar role of an Investment Manager at a Private Equity or a Venture Capital business as part of my work for 12 years and that has made me always think about the client’s perspective in order to have a solid business.

Finally, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet TINK’s Business Development Manager for the Swedish market, Tove Larsson.

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