Don't worry - it is just technology

Åsa Granberg
14 February 2019

Don't worry - it is just technology 

Sometimes I meet people that talk about advanced technology like it is no longer technology - instead they believe that technology, like the part we call "Artificial Intelligence", is science fiction robots that are close to humans or something very abstract.

It is not.

I am interested in advanced technology and since I have worked at one of the world's most prestigious technology companies (today Nasdaq Technologies) and I am on top of that a derivatives specialist from the financial services industry - it is easy for me to understand advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Because it is just that - a combination of technology and smart algorithms based on data.

The reason it is called "machine intelligence" is because the capacity to process "big data" I.e. lots of parameters and statistics - makes the predictions, the "output" which the technologies act upon, very propable/likely. Also, technology/machines do not have "bad days" when they are tired and they do not involve feelings into their "decisions" - like us humans do.

The capacity to process data is also more advanced than us humans - most of the time.

However, it is still just technology. So don't worry. It is not science fiction. It is "prediction" based on facts and statistics and "probability". Nothing more and nothing less. 

But still very fascinating!


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