Finding Your Capital!

Åsa Granberg
16 October 2018

Finding your Capital in Today’s Market!

The first question I always ask Corporates when they ask for financing consultation is; Do you consider including new/more external ownership into your company – or is that totally out of the question?

When you have answered that vital question then you can list all the various options there are under the two different categories; 1) Financing with capital that does include inviting new/more external ownership into your company. Or 2) Financing with capital that will not include invitation of new/more external ownership into your company.

When you make this decision then you should not forget that inviting new ownership can mean different levels of external influence with everything from exchange-listing-financing to fundraising using “membership”-financing where you suddenly have the bonus of a very loyal client base on top of your financing.

Are you not sure which financing solution you want then make a list under each of the above categories and arrange them in the order of “most preferred” to “least preferred” and add the pros and cons as well as the timeframe as an extra column – since some of the options are very sensitive to external market conditions and some options will take time to execute.

Now you have a list of possible actions to take!

Are you still not sure or need consultation? Then let us help you with your financing strategy or any part of your financing journey - We are always here for you – Anytime you need us!