First Monday of 2019!

Åsa Granberg
7 January 2019

Jipiieee, It’s the first Monday of The New Year 2019!

Don’t you just love a New Year when people make a “reset”. Most corporates also make a new reset and have “kick-off” meetings.

The questions are; Is your corporate and your business up to date with the New Economy and how markets work now and in the future? How will you grow your business in this digital world? Do you have a plan for how to handle your business in times of down turns in the economy? Are you stuck in your business?

Many corporates are still working and doing their business today in the same way they did 5 years ago. It is not going to work much longer. Businesses and corporates need to be updated to correspond to the New Economy and the new world – or they will be outrun.

I am updated. Are You?