Generating 120 vaccinations through a speech!

19 February 2019

Generating 120 vaccinations through a speech

I am so happy to have been able to contribute to the world with 120 vaccinations to people in need - by giving a speech at Rotary International.

As a way of thanking me for my speech, Rotary donated 40 Polio Vaccinations and another 40 vaccinations are donated from Bill Gates and additionally another 40 Polio vaccinations from Bill’s wife Melinda Gates.

Rotary International Causes:
• Promoting Peace
• Fighting Disease
• Providing Clean Water
• Saving Mothers & Children
• Supporting Education
• Growing Local Economies

Rotary International organisation;

I am already booked to give another lecture at Rotary on the 4th of March which will generate an additional donation of 120 Polio Vaccinations.

It is so wonderful to contribute!

AimHill Consulting Group