George H. Ross, Donald Trump's right hand man for 47 years.

Åsa Granberg
27 September 2018

I met Donald Trump's Senior Counsel & Executive Vice President for almost 50 years; George H. Ross!

A while ago I had the wonderful opportunity to meet George Ross who is known for being the executive vice president and senior counsel to Donald Trump for almost 50 years. I met George through my coach JT Foxx who has George as one of his personal coaches.

George is a wise, competent and warm personality with a great sense of humour but with a very firm grip when it comes to business. I got to spend most of the day listening and learning about business from George (combined with some really good laughter from his fantastic humour and storytelling).

We had something in common, George and I, where we both teach the importance of Money Management. Because you will lose some money in business, but you have to be determined to cut the loss when the loss comes - and not clinging on to a deal or a business too long with hopeless “hopes” of recovery. Apart from this I just soaked in every wisdom without ever wanting to interrupt George since the day just flew by so quickly.

Three key-take-away that I will share with you from what I learned from George is; 1) Your company should always strive to be great at handling any complaints from clients. This could make a huge difference with your business since an unsatisfied client will tell many people about it, unfortunately the satisfied clients might not tell so many. 2) The key to marketing is branding!! 3) Always have a good “divorce” mechanism in every business agreement that you enter into with a business partner, in case either one of you have to get out of the joint-venture.