Global News - we made it!

Åsa Granberg
4 September 2020

Can you believe it!

Never say that persistent and consistent work does not pay off. Like Dr Phil said when I shared stage with him in Los Angeles: “How do you eat an elephant? Well, you start nibbling on an ear and then you don’t stop until the work is done.”.

I hope you have seen that we have succeeded: Africa is declared free from the Polio disease! See what is possible when people come together around an issue. Rotary International and Bill & Melinda Gates have contributed greatly to making this possible. Even I got to make a modest contribution by accepting to give 2 free speeches, making Rotary and Bill & Melinda Gates making sure that 240 people got a Polio vaccination (120 x 2).

And don’t we all need this positive news in these times. All is possible when we come together and determine to succeed. Have a great weekend!

AimHill Consulting Group