I warned about bankruptcy!

Åsa Granberg
23 September 2019

I warned this summer for bankruptcy in big companies!

As recently as the 1st of July this year I wrote in my blog about what to consider regarding investments in the capital market. I had received many questions regarding investments due to my very long career in the financial services industry where I worked at The Swedish Shareholders Association, at the Stockholm Stock Exchange and at OMX/Nasdaq Technology and thereafter I’ve been responsible for many billions of various Financial risks during my 12 years as a Senior Banker. In fact, I have never had a single credit loss. That does not, of course, mean that it cannot happen in the future because under no circumstances will I leave the investment industry – which is my life.

However, one must always understand that a company or investment project can go bankrupt. It is part of the investmentcalculations. You get returns because you do take risk with the invested capital.

In all the years I trained the financial industry in trading in equities and other financial instruments and especially in the courses I held in financial economics for Swedsec's licensing (FSA and SEC licensing) , understanding of all possible risks regarding the capital markets was a large part of the training I taught.

The analysis of Thomas Cook's bankruptcy is, according to the news, that the company had not been rethinking quickly enough about the "new economy" that is taking place with e.g. digitalization – and this is exactly what I have warned about in every other of my Blog posts. Companies must understand that they are already working inside the 'new economy'.

Now we see the consequences of the companies that have not listened. If you are a business manager, then let this be your final alarm clock.

The economy of the future is already here!

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