I was elected, Rotary International!

Åsa Granberg
15 January 2019

I was elected, Rotary International!

Isn’t it amazing how it all works out – always due to you meeting the right people? Studies consistently shows that no matter how digital the world becomes – it is still the companies and organisations with the most motivated people that will win. So, it will always be about people. But you have to go out there and find the right people. Remember what I wrote in my blog about what Dr Phil said when I met him.

Yesterday I was elected into the Rotary International organisation; www.rotary.org. It is such an honour and now I will finally be able to work for making this world a better place - jointly with others around the whole World - in a very organized way.

Rotary International manages several international studies at Rotary Peace Centers and these are also a direct source for the UN to finding new recruits.

Rotary International Causes:
• Promoting Peace
• Fighting Disease
• Providing Clean Water
• Saving Mothers & Children
• Supporting Education
• Growing Local Economies

And speaking about how I said in my blog, about what Santa gave me, that it is our duty if we live in an “Industrial” part of the world – to educate and train countries that are still being developed so they can grow their economies. Everybody will win when these countries’ economies rise to the same level because they will become a new market for other countries and they will no longer need as much support as they still do – so everybody wins when the world becomes a better place for all!

Already yesterday at my very first lunch-meeting with Rotary as a member – a man across the table where I was sitting told me that he was working with a project of solar energy in Tanzania and since I am a Management Consultant and the companies and people in Tanzania themselves say that they lack enough “management knowledge” – would I be interested to be introduced to them. Of course I am!

If you who are reading this blog is not in a place where you feel that you are happy – then go out there and find the right people. Amazing things will start to happen for you…