Innovations and Technology

Åsa Granberg
11 October 2018

Why I love innovations and advanced/new Technology.

If you have travelled in your life, then you most likely have been in a situation of running like crazy from one travel connection to another due to one of your transportations being late or you are being late or due to traffic jam or many other reasons.

You run like crazy trying to reach your new travel connection and end up sweating and your pulse speeding and if you are making a long journey you might be jet lagged and your body is exhausted so it is not the best time for your body and heart to “exercise”, not to mention that it is not very pleasant to continue your journey soaking wet of sweat.

Well, don’t you just love that someone decided to invent a solution for you! So, if you are not a diamonds-member on an airline company that will make sure to pick you up in a sportscar and drive you between connecting flights when you are running late… then maybe this invention called "Modobag" is your new solution. Please look at the Youtube video below!

This is one example of why I Love innovations – they make your life easier!