Åsa Granberg
1 January 2019


What a fantastic first day of 2019 we are having today! In Stockholm the weather was beautiful with the sun shining on a blue sky and the crispy ice on the ground melting a bit in the warmth of the sun. What a perfect start for us to create the year that we want!

I have received requests from you out there to become your Mentor. Considering that you who have asked me are already successful, ambitious and driven people – I can’t tell you how honoured and flattered I am by these requests. I am giving it some serious considerations, time though is a scarce resource. However, I will offer you some coaching here below.

Let’s start this very first blog of the year to talk about you!

I want you to take a calendar of 2019 and place it in front of you. If you don’t have a calendar of 2019 yet, then you write “2019” on a piece of paper and then you draw 12 boxes on the same piece of paper which is going to represent the 12 coming months. Now, I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself at the top of your success. You will most likely envision your dream of success instantly when you close your eyes – instinctively. Stay there in your “vision” as short or as long as you want to – the important part of this exercise is that you get that positive feeling in your body of seeing yourself at the top of your success.

So, now that you are ready to open your eyes. I want you to draw a symbol of your success on the piece of paper next to 2019. The success you saw in your vision is what you are going to work with this year. Maybe you saw a long-term goal, so you will work on it for several years to come. Your instinct-vision is what you desire the most at this time and that can vary tremendously; some of you saw yourself in a new fit body, some of you saw yourself in a new job, some of you saw yourself helping other people, some of you saw yourself talking before a large audience, some of you saw yourself having lots of friends and family around you, some of you saw yourself standing at the top of a mountain. Whatever you saw – this is your goal because this is what your mind instinctively at this time of your life consider to be “success”.

Make a list of things that you know you need to do to get closer to your goal (since your goal might be something you can get in short time or something you will have to work for a bit longer, the length of the list can vary a lot). Maybe you need to attend a new course or get training, maybe you need to start a new diet program, maybe you need to find new communities or organisations, maybe you need to start a new workout program, maybe you need to start saving money… this list can be long or short depending on your goal.

Now, write what steps and measures you will take every month – and try to split it up in steps you will take every week - and then split up the steps into what you will do every day that will take you closer to your goal. Write it into the calendarboxes.

If you can’t see the natural steps at once that you must do to get you going towards your goal – then you will write the amount of time that you will schedule in your everyday calendar and you will use that daily time to do “mind-feeding” around your goal. Doing “mind-feeding” can be reading a book in the subject of your goal or googling about your “subject” or taking a walk and thinking about your goal and how you can get there – or even just continue to envision yourself at your success. What we are doing with the daily “mind-feeding-sessions” is what an athlete does in order to “mentor” themselves to get the strength to continue striving to “win”.

Listen carefully because here comes the most important part; you must follow your plan!

Ok! We are on our way! HAPPY 2019 OUT THERE!