It's all about the branding experience

Åsa Granberg
24 April 2019

It’s that time of the year

It's that time of the year when it is time to take the car out from the winter custody.
Every year just before I take the car out again, I think that I really should sell the car this spring. Well, that wise decision is suddenly swept away when the branding magazine comes in the mail box.

You see it’s all about the branding experience. The branding experience is just as important as making the sell itself and this is something that many corporates miss out on. The clients who already bought are your most valuable assets. The existing clients are your brand ambassadors, your “free” commercial adds who carry your brand for other prospect clients to see.

Investing in your existing clients is the cheapest marketing tool in your branding tool-box. Not only will a happy client carry your brand by their words of mouth – they are more likely than others to purchase again and again from you.

Porsche is one of those brands who understand the concept of nurturing their existing clients. They send you reminders of your Porsche car by postcards informing you that it is time to service your car and they send you their branding magazine filled with statements and pictures and accessories to nurture your experience of owning the Porsche. How about statements like; “Think about what is important here in life… exactly – so get the Porsche insurance” or “Spring is soon here so make sure your battery is charged to prolong the battery life with your Porsche battery charger” or “You have the car, the cap, the cup, the t-shirt, the suitcase… it’s now time to get the Porsche Master Card”.

And even though I smile my way through the branding-experience of the Porsche magazine as one branding-professional seeing through another, I still feel some craving to get all of the branding items – all the way down to the silver jacket with the printed Porsche brand.

Because, you see this is the power of branding and the continuous after-purchase-client-work, to rub in the craving of your products and services to get clients to come back for more again and again and again.

No, I‘ll probably not sell the car this spring either.


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