Meet one of the Experts in my international network!

Åsa Granberg
17 January 2019

Meet one of the Experts in my international network!

Kirsten Strawn, is amongst other things an expert in the new generation called the “millennials”. The millennials are the generation of people born around the year 2000. They are now reaching their 20’s and are our new market both when it comes to consumers as well as when it comes to employees. They are born in the era of internet and IT and has a completely different mindset than earlier generations.

I am extremely proud of being able to work with all the experts I know around the globe. Since the technological evolution is erasing all borders in a pace that I don’t think anyone had foreseen – you as a Corporate Manager or Board Member have to understand and be updated on how to work with your business on a global basis. Your market does not think about where they purchase products or services – they just “google” and buy from wherever in the world they find the most competitive deal.

Kirsten and I decided to do a joint venture since we supplement each other’s competencies; she has knowledge about the west coast US market where she is located and are specialized in the new generation of consumers – I on the other hand have a background in finance and financial services, investments, capital solutions and technology and I am located in Europe within the EU-consumer market.

However, when I informed Kirsten that the tax level in Sweden is extremely high and I paid 61,25% in tax in March 2018 which left less than 38,75% of the income for me to cover all expenses I have – then she laughed and said that maybe I should come to the US to do business instead.

With the digital technology we can all do business consulting remote with tools like video-phone-calls and sharing of mutual working documents which provides you as a local Corporate Manager with global expertise.
I am so pleased to provide AimHill Consulting Group’s Corporate clients with global expertise whenever needed from my ever-evolving international network of specialists and experts that I have built up throughout my international career.

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