New Technology in Cars

Åsa Granberg
29 March 2019

Previewing the new Range Rover Evoque - new technology in our “every-day-life”

Yesterday I was invited to the British MotorGroup’s exclusive preview of the new Range Rover Evoque car at a show room in Stockholm. The CEO of the British MotorGroup in Sweden, Robert Lindros, gave a presentation of some of the new features of this new car model and showed an introduction video.

Besides liking cars – I also find it interesting to learn about new technology being implemented into the lives of humans.

Some of the new tech-features in this car that will assist us humans are:
• The “clear-sight ground view” i.e. sensors around the lower sides of the cars (near the tires) that assist you as a driver to navigate your car in e.g. narrow alley or close to a rock in the ground – without damaging your car
• Having the car sensing that you are approaching (through signals from your mobile-phone and car-key) that makes the car start adjusting the electronic cars seat adjustments according to your programmed preferences if you are sharing the car with other people that has different car-seat adjustments.
• The “ClearSight rear-view mirror” i.e. an extra rear-mirror on the roof of the car so you still can see what is behind your car even if your car is fully packed up to the roof in the backseat.
• An air-cleansing system inside the car so that you will breath healthier air inside the car.

These are some of the new technological features that was presented that has been developed for making the car driving more comfortable for you as a driver but also more secure for the environment and humans outside your vehicle.

Have a lovely weekend!

AimHill Consulting Group