Now I will take you to the Top!

Åsa Granberg
17 September 2018

I will bring you on my parachute jump via film camera this Saturday-so don't miss that experience!

I am launching my new consultancy company called AimHill Consulting Group. AimHill, which means that you aim to get up over the hill, has the slogan "Takes your business to the Top" so what could be better than to bring you up into the blue sky in a parachute?

Because that is the whole point of AimHill Consulting Group – To take you and your company to the top of your industry by accelerating sales, by making sure that you are the best among the competitors on your cost/income ratio and ensuring that you are at the forefront of the new economy and the new generation of customers and Employees – those who have been given the term "Millennials”!

Since I have more than 20 years of experience from strategic sales and senior advisory services to senior management in major Swedish and international companies from my 7 years on what is now called Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges and Nasdaq Technology and 12 years from Corporate Banking in the Nordic region's largest banks, where I was responsible for the business with the largest Wall Street banks, additionally I have worked at the Shareholders Association and I am a Derivatives specialist - then it comes natural that AimHill Consulting Group specialises in so-called working capital solutions and financing solutions and issues, products and services that are related to the capital markets such as hedging and fundraising. I have furthermore worked on what is today Nasdaq Technology and I myself am very interested in advanced technology and have studied statistics and data-analysis at the University, so AimHill also offers advice and project work related to the strategic decisions that you have to make to implement such advanced IT-systems as for example Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digitalisation and working with your company’s unique Big Data. I have worked with strategic sales over the years and have now updated my knowledge on new internet marketing technologies so the third special field we offer is consultation within digital marketing and branding. AimHill Consulting Group works with partner consultants, so we do much other consulting as well and you can see a longer list of Work Areas on the website

• Digital Marketing & Branding
• Working Capital and Financing Solutions
• Strategic implementation of Advanced Technologies e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digitalisation

Come with me up in the blue sky on Saturday!
PS You can also find me on social media on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn under my name Åsa Granberg.