Oh, Look What Santa Brought Me!

Åsa Granberg
4 January 2019

Oh, Look What Santa brought me!

Santa, in the shape of my sister, gave me 50 packages of medicine which are distributed, by the organisation “Save the Children International”, to South Sudan to treat children that has Malaria.

“Santa” gave 4 of these Christmas presents so it was 200 packages of Malaria-medicine sent to South Sudan.
I live in a country that is well-functioning with great infrastructure and social welfare conditions. Being blessed to live in such a part of the world I feel that it is very important, for anyone of us who can, do contribute to helping other countries and people in various ways.

In the short run; it is important to just help people survive. But in the long run we all need to do what we can to assist these countries to get peace, education and training in how they can build up their societies and infrastructure and economies.

I was very happy by “Santa’s” gift this year – and I will contribute further in 2019 to do what I can for the world to become a better place for less fortunate parts of the world.

I am already booked to give a lecture at Rotary on the 4th of March which will generate a donation of 120 Polio Vaccinations where 40 vaccinations are donated from Rotary and 40 donations are from Bill Gates and additionally another 40 Polio vaccinations from Bill’s wife Melinda Gates!