Only high quality brands!

Åsa Granberg
5 December 2018

Christmas Shopping Should be Fun!

One of my wonderful friends, Maria Forssén, has been an Entrepreneur her entire life. She is one of those people who always come up with brilliant ideas – sometimes a century before the rest of the world is thinking the same, so she is a true innovator.

One of her latest projects is The Christmas Lobby. Making christmas shopping a fun experience! You can shop online through the website (straight on the landing-page of this website). Or if you are in Stockholm between 4th December and the 24th December you can visit/shop in one of the coolest stores right in the city centre of Stockholm next to NK and MOOD at Regeringsgatan 61 where you find the store “The Lobby”. Even if you don’t intend to shop – you should visit this store because it has a wonderful atmosphere and a Cava Bar as well.

Maria called me in the end of October and asked me the most flattering question; “would I do modelling for her partner brands”? Off course I will! What a fun and pure luxury way to support fellow entrepreneurs and extremely talented and high-class designers.

It is only high-quality brands there so make sure you have your shopping limits wide enough – you will not regret it!

Come and enjoy yourself!