Social Media Icon + AimHill Consulting Group = TRUE!

Åsa Granberg
17 December 2018


One of the World’s biggest Social Media Icons + AimHill Consulting Group = TRUE! With an 8 million plus media following, TAMMY HEMBROW who rubs shoulders with the Kardashians, who is a true Influencer and already a Social Media Icon and who has built two multi-million-dollar online empires. AimHill Consulting Group is a consultancy firm that works with a variety of tools, systems and programs that offers your company rapid business growth and acceleration of revenue as well as a range of working capital efficiency solutions. We take your Business to the Top by making use of Wall Street knowledge!

Read about TAMMY HEMBROW and her two brands and read about ÅSA GRANBERG, who is the founder of AimHill Consulting Group - in the newest edition of the global magazine; Women Entrepreneur -

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