Sustainability and Impact Investing EVENT in Stockholm

Åsa Granberg
16 June 2020

Sustainability for the World!

Facebook reminded me that a year ago I invited my friend the Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Nordic and the Baltic countries, Dr Willibrod Peter Slaa, to come to Rotary and present his important work with health care and with financing health care to the poor.

Fighting disease is an important task for Rotary International.
Another important task is working for the environment and cleaning of water.

The Rotary clubs around the Stockholm region are planning an event in the city centre of Stockholm to launch the important work of the Expedition Save the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is terribly contaminated.
The event will take place during lunch hours on the 25th of June and in small groups all with careful and good distance between participants to comply with covid-19 rules.

At the event you will receive lots of valuable information, get a lunch wrap, find out about branding opportunities, various memberships, sailing packages, impact investing with good est ROI and find out about Rotary and the Expedition Save the Baltic Sea.
If you are in Stockholm 25th June and have strong environmental interest then you are very welcome to contact me for further details about the event.

Who knows; when we can travel again, maybe we can assist the Victoria Lake in Africa. That would be wonderful.

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