The Business Plan investment

Åsa Granberg
19 November 2020

The CEO Support Day of 2020

Last Wednesday, I received the question before the audience at the “CEO Management Support Day” business event; if I would invest or lend money to a company that does not have a business plan.

Since I have worked both professionally and privately with investments and financing-solutions of all kinds, to all sizes of business, from idea to IPO, for so many years, then I can tell you that I have seen it all. And, If you are looking for investors or credit lines of any kind, then you can think about what information would make you give away your savings to a stranger who came up to you on the street and asked you to invest in a business idea he/she has. Within your answer to that specific question, lies the key to what information you should include in your business plan and pitch-deck.

The time you spend on your business plan will be well invested, since you can make use of different parts of the material for your website, in your marketing, in your recruitment ads, in your oral company presentations, etc.

If you need help with your business plan, there are many competent consultants who will be happy to help you with producing the material, with strategy, and negotiations with investors and financial institutions.

Best of luck with your Business Plan, and do not forget that the younger your business is - the more this plan will be a “living” and “working” document – and likely under constant need of updating!

And thank you Lars Larsson and Adina Jarha-Andersson from the CEO Support for the invitation to the business event.

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