The "Happy" Secret!

Åsa Granberg
12 October 2018

Have you got the “Happy-flu”? Or are you taking “Happy-pills”?

These were some of the questions one of the fathers of one of my son’s classmates asked me yesterday morning. He was amazed about it and wondered how come I am always smiling and appearing to be happy and cheerful – so he asked me what was my secret to constant happiness...?

Well, it’s a combination of things and a chain reaction of events that has “happened” to me during the last year. The same “things” can happen to you. So, maybe it’s your time now to become a happy-version of you!

One of the secrets to happiness is to understand how your brain works and what it needs from you to be able to reward you with happiness-emotions. The other big secret is something that my brilliant coach JT Foxx often says; “Who you surround yourself with – is who you become”.

I offer lectures to corporates where I provide the knowledge of happiness to their management and staff, which increases the corporate energy and the focus and additionally strengthens the corporate culture which amongst other wonderful benefits also ends up increasing the corporate’s profit.

Did you know that all research still consistently states that no matter how digital and technology-based corporates become; it’s still the human workforce at the company that is the most important asset which will determine if the company is successful or not?

To all of you out there; Have yourself a Happy-Friday!