Trends in Public Relations

Åsa Granberg
10 October 2018

“SEX” still sells! (According to well renowned PR Guru)

I had the most amusing afternoon listening to the PR Guru Petter Andréasson who is the CEO of the PR company “Andréasson PR” in Stockholm. Petter talked about the current trends in media and public relations. The reason for the event at this PR company today was additionally to meet and network with other Entrepreneurs connected to the SMARTING platform, which is a networking platform co-founded by an Entrepreneur friend of mine Maria Forssén as well as Marie Ericsson Drotte.

Apart from Petter explaining how “SEX” still sells especially in the context of how you can become a better lover, other current hot topics that the masses find interesting is for example how we can become better parents or better people in general e.g. by exercising more. So, in the current modern environment people are looking to evolve themselves in various subjects. Thinking about it; don’t you often read headlines that starts with the words “How to become a…”, “Tips on how to…”, “Why you should always..”.

Petter is really amusing to listen to and I learned a lot of tips and tricks of how to work with the media and journalists and he concluded with saying that in order to succeed in todays PR environment you need to “have a Fox behind your ear“ (which is a Swedish expression that means something in the range of you having to be very “street-smart” combined with being a bit smarter than the rest) but you also need to be a bit like a “goose” which is another Swedish expression for not letting anything get to you (pour water on a goose and the water just flows to the ground without sticking to it) – which means that in this society what ever you do might upset someone so that person attacks you – but don’t let any of that get to you.

When it comes to the part of “SEX” selling as good as always – that might be something that you should be very careful in exploring and it was more said like a joke, because it is very important not to get associated with immorality since the social media will not approve of it and you must protect your brand very cautious if you don’t want to ruin it.

However, it was a very fun and amusingly provocative statement that made the room laugh about “SEX” still selling. If you wonder about the accuracy of this statement, then you might ask yourself; Did you read this article due to the headline or despite the headline…