Walking the Cat Walk for high-quality Designers!

Åsa Granberg
10 December 2018

Walking the Cat Walk for high quality Designers!

Few things bring me more pleasure than to have the possibility to support high quality craftsmanship.
I was asked to do modelling and walk the Cat Walk for high quality designers and brands of fashion and jewellery. It is such a pleasure to work both with the team behind the Cat Walk and the cameras.

Talking to some of the designers is a true privilege since you get a history of their path and of their life and how the items has developed from the start. It is very inspiring to talk to people who dare to take a leap of faith and who are brave and trust their business instincts and follow their dreams. It brings a meaning to the bearer of the design when you understand the origin. All the wonderful journeys of amazing people who strive and struggle and work hard and finally reach their goals – it’s just fantastic to take part of it all. Everything brings the items to live and you feel so privilege to wear them.

You haven’t missed the Christmas Lobby in Stockholm on Regeringsgatan 61 in the store named “the Lobby”, have you?