Wearable Fitness Trackers

Åsa Granberg
8 October 2018

$48.2 billion by 2023 is the forecasted revenue of the Global Wearable Fitness Trackers Market!*

Of the wearable “Fitness Trackers” also known as “Activity Trackers” – these types that you wear around your wrist – are the major part of the current market demand. You can monitor for example your heartbeat, calories burned, the distance you have exercised, the quality of your sleep and use a GPS to view your route on a map in your computer. There is a contradiction in a study made related to exercising with these types of monitoring devices that indicates less weight loss rather than more efficient weight loss when using such a monitoring device – which Scientists suspect is due to people become overly dependent on the gadgets to help them change their health developing a false sense of security. Nevertheless, the market is exploding for these fitness wearables and since I love advanced technologies I focus on the information you can receive out of a device - that e.g. tells you if your heart is not functioning as it should or if your sleep is not of good quality over a longer period – as long as you make use of the information and make the necessary changes of your lifestyle to make You Happier & Healthier! I offer lectures together with Doctor Mikael Sandström known from Swedish media (TV4/TV7) in the subject of increased Focus, Energy and Happiness! AimHill Consulting Group / The U Lifestyle / www.aimhill.com.

*Source: Globe Newswire, P&S Market Research