What does a Management Consultant Do?

Åsa Granberg
24 January 2019

What does a Management Consultant do?

I got this question yesterday; “what does a management consultant do – and how do you take a corporate’s business to the Top?”

Basically, every IT-sales person or IT-representative person has the title “Management Consultant” since they consult corporates on how to make use of the IT-products or IT-services they are selling. This means that you have many people with this title.

Now, that is why AimHill Consulting Group has the slogan “Takes your business to the Top” – to state that we are not an IT-company. We are a business consulting company where we assist corporates building and managing their businesses. Let me explain.

I have worked 12 years with making full corporate analysis in order to make decisions if I was willing to take any financial or credit risk on various corporates and decide if I believed that their businesses would grow and be sustainable. As a senior banker that was one part of my job. The other part was to do strategic sales work. Before that, I worked at both the exchange side of the company now known as Nasdaq, where you have the trading/hedging/issuing and listings of corporates and of financial instruments – and I also worked on the technology side of the company now called Nasdaq. I have additionally worked with building/establishing/growing/launching businesses.

On top of the above, I have spent the last year working on updating my knowledge in a US-business program and at Google. The world of businesses has completely changed in a very short time period due to the digital evolution where the US (apart from China) is ahead of the game. So now I am updated. The additional very important asset AimHill Consulting Group has, is the ever-evolving international network of experts.

The above means that I can assist corporates with issues like:

• Understanding how to manage a business in this new digital era i.e. the “New Economy”. I was just awarded with “Top Entrepreneur of the Year 2018” for my own digital campaign with AimHill Consulting Group.
• Understanding how to make the corporate and the business attractive to investors or be attractive to financial analysts and what credit providers wants to see - and how the stock market thinks. So, everything to do with the Financial, the Financing and Treasury side of the corporate business.
• The marketing and branding and understanding the new markets and the millennials.
• Consulting on how to reduce balance sheet risk or hedging of financial assets like the fluctuation in international currency income and working with capital efficiency solutions.
• Working with growing sales and strategic sales work.
• International issues; taking the business and expanding into new countries.
• How to make strategic technological decisions.

On top of the above I have the brand “The U Lifestyle” that works with the human capital asset aspect of corporates on reducing cost related to staff absence and to increase staff motivation – something that I do jointly with a famous Swedish doctor.

So, now you know at least what I do as a “Management Consultant”.

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