Yes, you are being monitored

Åsa Granberg
15 October 2020

Yes, you are constantly monitored

Yesterday I attended an interesting seminar on how to gather consumer data and make use of it with Artificial Intelligence to streamline your organisation, your supply chain, your calculation of customer lifetime value, and make strategic cost saving- or business growth decisions. E.g. now in times of corona how is the pandemic affecting consumer behaviour. This highly informative seminar was arranged by Databricks.

And yes, as a consumer you are being constantly monitored. We know where you are going since we can keep track of your car and mobile devices where they are picking up signals from, what you are eating, drinking, what you are purchasing, since we can keep track of your credit card, we even know what you are talking about and what values you have since we can trace you on social media. We can even know where your goods are shipped from since we can view the containers coming into the harbours via satellite cameras.

But do not worry, your data is only monitored like a dot in an aggregated data cluster. Both because the data gathering and storing rules and regulations state that we cannot collect individual data, but also because we have no interest in individual data. Nobody can build a business on one individual consumer.

And the gathering and analysis of the aggregated consumer data might be what makes you keep your job during the current pandemic – since your employer can quickly analyse how consumers change purchase behaviours and then reorganize their business to quickly adapt and therewith survive.

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