You're on to something big!

Åsa Granberg
9 November 2019

You're on to something big!

When a project and a business idea becomes your DNA - that's when you probably are on to something really big.

Statistics and surveys show that most new jobs in society are created by new businesses. The politicians knows this and they are putting a lot of resources out to assist people starting new companies.

But all the resources in the world are useless - unless there are people out there who are willing to go the though way of entrepreneurship.

And it is truly tough being an entrepreneur with hundreds of obstacles to climb over.

So, when you have a business idea that becomes your DNA - then you are probably on to something big - because that's when you will have the drive and motivation enough to make it all the way to the "goal" of making your business idea becoming a reality.

Entrepreneurs out there - keep going - because the world needs you to create new jobs and develop the economies further. I believe in you!

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